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Dont Drink Alcohol In Combination With Medication V001 001

Medication Do’s and Don’ts: Drinking Alcohol with Medication

Your health is our top priority! 🏥💙 When it comes to medications, safety comes first. Avoid potential risks by not combining alcohol with other drugs without consulting a doctor or pharmacist. Protect your well-being with Shantys pillboxes, the perfect companion for organised and responsible medication management. 💊🚫 #MedicationSafety #Shantys #PillBox #MedicationSafetyMatters #AskYourDoctorFirst #PharmacistConsultation #HealthFirst #MedicationResponsibility […]

Maxi Day Out 19046 For Your Travels Thumb

The perfect pillbox for bringing on your travels!

The Shantys PillMate Large Multi-Dose Weekly Pillbox (19025) – Perfect for your travels! Do you need a compact and ergonomic pillbox to carry around with you on the go? 💊 Then look no further than the PillMate Maxi Day Out (19046) Our maxi size single day travel pill box is perfect for those days out […]

19025 Thumbnail Best Seller Pillbox Thumb

There is a reason that this amazing pillbox is a best-seller!

The Shantys PillMate Large Multi-Dose Weekly Pillbox (19025) Watch our 2D animation on what makes this marvellous pill box so special! Large capacity pillbox for organising a full week’s dosage of tablets. Convenient preparation by pulling out the pill tray. Easy access to tablets via a pull out clear tab to reveal morning, noon, evening […]