The perfect pillbox for bringing on your travels!

The Shantys PillMate Large Multi-Dose Weekly Pillbox (19025) – Perfect for your travels!

Do you need a compact and ergonomic pillbox to carry around with you on the go? 💊 Then look no further than the PillMate Maxi Day Out (19046)

Our maxi size single day travel pill box is perfect for those days out when carrying a large dose of complex medication on your travels. The single unit has 4 separate compartments, which are labelled as ‘Morn, Noon, Eve and Night. Ideal for a full day out.

The 3 piece pack comes in randomly assorted colours as well!

The Shantys PillMate Maxi Day Out is now available to purchase on our products page. You can explore the product page of this product by clicking the link here.

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