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Auto Large 7 Day Shantys Pillmate Daily Medication Tablets Organiser Use Labelled With Days Large Product 1 London Uk Thum19023 V3

Shantys Large 7 Days PillMate (19023)

The Shantys Large 7 Days PillMate is pill box that can hold a single dose for each day of the week, with each day of the labelled that you know when and what day to take your dosage. This pill box is ideal for people who take one dose of medication per day, as its […]

Daily Dose Weekly Flexible Use Pill Box Travel Or Home Shantys Medication Pill Box Pill Boxes Pillmate Tablets Weekly Organiser Daily 7 Days Pill Organiser Multi Large Dispenser Uk Thu 19020 V4

The Flexible Use Pill Box – Travel or Home (19020)

The Flexible Use Pill Box – Travel or Home (19020) The Shantys Flexible Use Pill Box is the perfect product for multi-style use, as it can be used both at home and for travelling, as it’s portable and sleek design allows for easy use in any situation. The Flexible Use Pill Box is made from […]

Large Multi Dose Weekly Pill Box Dispenser 4 Times Daily Shantys Pillmate Pillbox Pill Box Medication Box Tablets Box Large Capacity Compartments Full Weeks Dosage Essex London Uk Article 19025 V3

The Large Multi-Dose Weekly Pill Box Dispenser (19025)

The Shantys Multi-Dose Weekly Dispenser is a pill box that supports multiple dosages and dividing the dosage into the morning, noon, evening and night. Ideal for complex medication preparation, the pill box supports a seven-day storage capability, allowing you to plan your medication doses for the entire week and forget about it! Uses of the […]