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Shantys Travel Pill Boxes The UK has been in lockdown for a while now; but this is slowly easing and everyone is eager to go out and about and visit friends and loved ones.  But of course it’s important to follow all government guidelines and be cautious and mindful.  And one of those mindful aspects […]

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Head Lice Removal Guide

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Shantys Pillbox Range

Shantys offers a large and very helpful range of pillboxes; everyone of these pillboxes brings organisation and convenience to any medication routine.  Shantys Pillmate pillboxes offers a range of both size and colour and have been designed to cover different scenarios including, days out and storing a weeks worth of medication, vitamins or supplements. Small […]

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Identify If Your Pets Have Fleas

Does your pet have fleas? At some point in time most pet owners have had to deal with fleas. Fleas are small flightless parasitic insects that consume the blood of there hosts, which are Mammals and Birds. Growing up to around 3mm or 0.12 inch they can be identified by their dark reddish-brown colour and […]