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Large Selection of Weekly Pillbox Organisers

Pill Cutter
Pill Cut N Crush
Pill Crusher

A Selection of very
handy and useful
Pill accessories

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Prevent the spread of nits using our
Patented Nit Comb Technology


Welcome to Shantys; we design, manufacture and distribute our patented array of world leading and innovative products.

These included our much loved Pillmate brand of pill box organisers available as 7 day pill boxes, multi dose weekly pill boxes and for people on the move we have a selection of travel pill boxes.

We also sell a wide variety of helpful pill accessories including, pill cutters and pill crushers.
Our range of nit combs products is perfect for removing head lice and stubbornly stuck eggs.

We have a selection of nit combs that use our patented steel teeth technology found as a single row, two row and three row variety to catch even the smallest nits and lice eggs.

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