Trade and International Enquires

Shantys products are currently distributed in 24 + countries worldwide. We welcome international and national distribution enquiries.

To operate as a distributor, there are minimum requirements.

1) Established route to market

2) You should be in a position to place orders to cover our Minimum Quantity Requirements

3) Orders are paid for in advance of shipping for all new customers, until an established relationship is built.

4)  The products are available in home language printing if required and MOQ requirements are met.

Currently our pillboxes are manufactured in German, Spanish, French, Greek and English.

Shantys Ltd also contract manufactures Head Lice Combs, Flea Combs and Tic Removers for other large pharmaceutical and health care companies. Such relationships require large MOQ requirements.

Shantys, Pillmate, Nitcomb are registered trademarks in the EU, Canada, USA and many other countries world wide