Shantys Best Selling Pillmate 19025

19025 Pill Dispenser Shantys Pillbox Best Selling

Shantys Pillmate 19025 pill box dispenser was our best-selling pill box in previous years according to your purchases and we can see why.

As with all of our pill box products, the 19025 has a fantastic build quality and bespoke in-house design.

The materials and finish are both durable and easy to use.

Large Multi-Dose Pill Dispenser - Shantys Pillmate-5

The 19025 pill box has large capacity compartments, which allow for complex doses of medication.

The clear window allows you to see what medication are in the compartment instantly.

The 19025 is a weekly pill box dispenser and allows you to organise a full week’s worth of medication in one go.

It also has the capacity for multiple daily doses including morning, noon, evening and night.

The pull-out tab allows for easy access to your medication.

Large Multi-Dose Pill Dispenser - Shantys Pillmate-4

Order our best-selling pill box 19025 – Shantys Pillmate 19025.

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