Ultimate All In One Pill Cutter and Crusher – Shantys PillMate Cut and Crush (19039)

£8.05 inc vat

Our ultimate pill accessory. Now us just one tool to easily cut and crush you tablets in to smaller easy to swallow pieces or crush them in to a powder for easier dissolving. This small pill accessory tool allows you the flexibility to cut and or crush your tables.

  • Cut Your Tablets in to Smaller Pieces for Easier Swallowing
  • Crush Them in to a Fine Powder
  • All in One Cut and Crush Tool

Use our versatile cut and crush tools to make tablet consumption easier and less stressful. Divide your tablets in to smaller pieces using the top half of the tool. And if you want your tablets to be soluble then use the bottom half to crush in to a fine powder.

If you want to read more about this product, we have an article that discusses it in further detail that you can check out here.

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