Shantys Pillbox Range

Shantys Pillbox Range

Shantys offers a large and very helpful pillbox range; every one of these pillboxes brings organisation and convenience to any medication routine.  Shantys Pillmate pillboxes offers a range of both size and colour and have been designed to cover different scenarios including, days out and storing a week’s worth of medication, vitamins or supplements.

Small Pillboxes

Shantys offer small pillboxes that are perfect for days out or for anyone who doesn’t necessarily require medication in high doses. These Pillboxes include:

-Shantys PillMate Day Out

-Shantys PillMate Maxi Day Out

Both of these pillboxes have four separate compartments labelled Morning, Noon, Evening and Night, they are designed to be perfect for anyone who needs to take medication whilst on the go, on a day out or at their workplace. Shantys PillMate ‘Maxi Day Out’ is ideal to be stored in handbags or another form of bag, whilst Shantys PillMate ‘Day Out’ is the smaller more discrete of the two, this pillbox range can easily be put into a pocket.

Medium Pillboxes

The medium size PillMate boxes are all part of Shantys weekly pillbox range, all of these pillboxes are capable of holding a minimum of one pill for every day of the week. These Pillboxes include:

-Shantys Easy Access Auto Large 7 Day Weekly Pill Box

-Shantys Large 7 Days PillMate

-Maxi Size 7 Day Pill Box

All three of these weekly pillboxes hold 7 days worth of medication, but all of them have different designs to accommodate different needs and tastes. Firstly, Shantys Easy Access Auto Large 7 Day Weekly is designed for people who struggle with their dexterity/ co-ordination as each compartment has an easy to press button making it easier to open.

Shantys Maxi Size 7 Day Pill Box and Shantys Large 7 Days PillMate both also feature a 7-day capacity and have labelled compartments. The Maxi Size 7 Day Pill Box Dispenser is the larger of the two and suited for people who are in need of the additional storage space for complex doses but don’t necessarily need a pillbox from the larger range.

Large Pillboxes

And finally Shantys large pillboxes are the biggest in the pillbox range and are designed to hold large medication dosages and again cover a range of needs and tastes. These Pillboxes include:

-Shantys Pillmate Seven

-Full Week Dispenser – Shantys PillMate

Travel or Home – Shantys Daily Dose Weekly

4 Times Daily – Shantys PillMate

Shantys Pillmate Large Twice Daily

Shantys Pillmate Maxi Multi-Dose

-Shantys Pillmate Twice Daily

All of these pillboxes can be left at home as they are perfect for storing complex medication dosage. These pillboxes range from two doses every day of the week to four doses every day of the week, morning, noon, evening and night. Some pillboxes in this range include a dosage record card such as Shantys PillMate Large Twice Daily and Shantys Pillmate Twice Daily, this record card is helpful for keeping track of complex doses.

Get your medication organised or help a relative or friend organise the dosage with a Shantys Pillmate pillbox range. Get yours here.

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