4 Times A Day Dose, 7 Days A Week Pill Box – Shantys PillMate Seven (19047)

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Our PillMate Seven pill box is a perfect way to have a full weeks worth of medication prepared and carry around single day pull out unit for travel days. The single day pull out units have 4 individual compartments for ‘Morning, Noon, Evening and Night’ doses. The 7 individual units are market with the days.

  • 7 Day Pill Box Dispenser
  • Pull Out Units With 4 Doses
  • All Units Stack Neatly Into Holder
Overall Size Compartment Size
Item No W H D/L W H D/L
19047 11 cm 13 cm 1.5 cm 2.6 cm 1.3 cm 3.5 cm

The PillMate Seven pill box dispenser is ideal to prepare a full weeks worth of dosage. Each day can have 4 separate dosages including ‘Morning, Noon, Evening and Night’ perfect for complex plans.

Easily slide out the individual day units and carry with you on days out. Gently push the lid in and up to release the medication.

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