Identify If Your Pets Have Fleas

Do your pets have fleas?

At some point in time, most pet owners have had to stress that their pets have fleas.

Fleas are small flightless parasitic insects that consume the blood of their hosts, which are Mammals and Birds. Growing up to around 3mm or 0.12 inch they can be identified by their dark reddish-brown colour and flat bodies, which allow them to easily move through the fur/feathers of their hosts, whilst their strong claws stops them from being easily dislodged.

To make up for their lack of wings Fleas can jump distances up to 50x their own body length which makes jumping from one host to another very easy thanks to their adapted back legs.

There are over 2,500 species worldwide and the first Fleas are known to have arisen in the early Cretaceous period 145.5 Million years ago. The life cycle of a flea has four main stages the Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult stage if conditions are ideal the life span of a flea is 12-22 days, and adult fleas can lay up to 50 eggs per day!

There are a few signs that potentially your pets have fleas, these include:

  • Bald or sore patches

Flea Symptoms Baled Patches Pets Have fleas

  • Excessive pet scratching

Flea Symptoms Scratches pets have fleas

  • Spots

Flea Symptoms Spots

  • Thickened skin in areas

Flea Symptoms Thick Skin

  • Redness and irritation

  • And potentially signs of insect bites on yourself!

Flea Symptoms Bites on People

Thankfully Shantys R2 Pet Comb is designed to remove fleas, when your pets have fleas, safely and easily from your pet while giving them a good grooming at the same time. The comb is ideal for when pets have fleas with short to medium hair, so perfect for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and more.

The Shantys R2 Pet Comb uses our patented two-row technology and so features sturdy metal teeth that do not flex and so small fleas cannot bend and push through the teeth.

Additionally, the two rows of teeth are staggered and so generate further levels of drag and friction to capture down to the smallest eggs.

The teeth all have rounded tips and so do nor scratch your pets and allow for a more comfortable flea removal and grooming experience. The R2 Pet Comb also have been designed with the pet owner in mind and so features a comfortable grip handle for extending pet grooming sessions and for when your pets have fleas.

For more information on the R2 Pet Comb and purchasing options please see Shantys R2 Pet Comb

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