Daily Travel Pill Box With 4 Compartments (4-Piece Pack) – Shantys PillMate Day Out (19026)

Shantys PillMate Day Out

The Shantys PillMate Day Out is the perfect pill box for people who are always on the go and need to take their scheduled pill dosages when away from home. The PillMate day out allows you to manage a large, multidose daily dosage routine. It comes with 4 individual compartments, all for different times of the day, or for your own specific times that you need to take your medication.

Maxi Day Out Travel Pill Box With 4 Compartments 3 Piece Pack Shantys Pillmate Maxi Day Out 4 Dose Single Unit Medication Pill Box Tablets Product Pill Organiser Portable Uk 419046

Its tight and conservative design allows it to easily fit inside in any small handbag, or even men’s jeans pockets, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly access your medication without rummaging through your pill packaging and makes it the ideal companion for you out on your travels.

Not only can this pillbox be conveniently carried, but can also be used at home as a tidy, minimalist pillbox for people who need to take multiple doses a day, without wanting a large pillbox taking up space in your house, allowing it to be stored away in cupboards etc.

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